We’re Looking for a Few Good Free-Lancers

laptop and padLkldNow is looking for a few good free-lance writers. Among other things, we want to start a regular series profiling engaged citizens working to make Lakeland more livable.

If interested, drop me an email at barry@lkldnow.com and let me know what topics you’re interested in covering. Writing samples are always helpful.

A few notes:

  • LkldNow is a news site. We’re looking for objective coverage, not opinions. Topics we cover often involve economic development, community improvement, the arts, dining, recreation, neighborhoods, politics and public safety, but we’re open to other topics that touch on our theme of covering news about efforts to make Lakeland more livable.
  • We’re not able to pay large fees, but it’s not volunteer work, either. (That said, we’re a 501(c)3 non-profit and we welcome the efforts of those who want to volunteer to further our mission of increasing engagement in Lakeland through access to quality news and information.)
  • I look forward to hearing from you, but it will probably be next week or later before we’ll be able to discuss your ideas in depth.