Let us be your guide We've created a Newcomers' Series to help you navigate life here and the people, places and things that will make Lakeland feel like home.

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Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about.
Dining and grocery shopping in Lakeland have been going through a cultural renaissance. Check our guide to good eats.
There are lots of ways to find people who share your interests when you’re new in town.
Families with children have lots of choices among public and private schools. We help you sort through the maze.
Lakeland’s has diverse and deep arts and culture opportunities, if you know where to look for them.
Once you’re ready to venture out and explore, getting civically involved might be next on your to-do list.
Lakeland has so many ties to athletic glory, from major league players to professional sports. It all starts at the youth level.
Whatever your motivation, Lakeland is part of a growing metropolitan area with a variety of big-name employers.
With lakes, parks, gardens, and trails, Lakeland has numerous opportunities to explore the great outdoors.
Like all cities, Lakeland has its idiosyncrasies, our one-of-a-kinds and even our secrets.

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