Lkldnow is independent, mobile news to connect you with Lakeland, Fla. By illuminating the community, our aim is to empower Lakeland residents to become more engaged with their community.

Our tools are reporting and knowledgeable curation:

Reporting – Our reporting revolves around efforts to make Lakeland a more livable community.

Curation – We scour news sites and social media for credible and important information about Lakeland. We have links and we’re not afraid to use them.

Who’s doing this?


Lkldnow.com was founded by Barry Friedman, who has spent most of his career curating news for residents of Lakeland and Polk County. Barry founded theledger.com and guided its growth for 19 years. In various editing positions, he oversaw every department in The Ledger newsroom except Sports. His current passion is figuring out how to preserve engaging and impactful community journalism in the age of social media.

Nonprofit: Linking Community Now

Lkdlnow.com is overseen by a nonprofit organization, Linking Community Now Inc.

Vision: A sustainable model of non-profit public service journalism that provides open access to local news and community information across digital platforms.

Mission: To educate community members and cultivate civic engagement by reporting, curating, and aggregating local news and community information in an accessible, user-friendly digital format. 

The board of Linking Community Now includes:

Sandra Sheets, shareholder at GrayRobinson PA law practice, board chair.

Doris Moore Bailey, CEO of The Bailey Group and radio talk show host.

John Fitzwater, retired publisher of The Ledger and past president of the Community Foundation of Greater Lakeland (now the GiveWell Foundation.)

Chris McArthur, owner of Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro and Patriot Coffee Roasters.

Mike Trice, Ph.D, journalism professor at Florida Southern College.

Chuck Welch, founding editor and publisher of LakelandLocal.com.

Amy Wiggins, executive director of the Imperial Symphony Orchestra.

Linking Community Now is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.


Lkldnow is dedicated to providing frictionless access to news and information about Lakeland, so we will not charge readers to view our pages. Our plan to sustain independent community journalism includes a combination of advertising, membership opportunities, donations and grants.

We’d love your financial support.

And  we’re looking for volunteers to help produce content and run the organization. 

The membership program we’re planning will offer perks such as social events and discounts. More info to come on that.


Lkldnow publishes on the web,  Twitter, InstagramFacebook and soon, an email newsletter. Most posting takes place on weekdays, with publishing less frequent on weekends and holidays.



Lkldnow.com’s publisher is a member of Local Independent Online News Publishers, whose motto is, “Building the Future of Local News.” The group’s mission, which aligns with lkldnow’s, is: “Foster the viability and excellence of locally focused independent online news organizations and cultivate their connections to their communities through education and action.”

We’re also a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News, an organization that provides provide education and business support to nonprofit news organizations and promotes the value and benefit of public-service and investigative journalism.

As digital communication continues to reshape the ways people access news, independent sites across the country are exploring new models to sustain journalism that connects readers with their communities. Along those lines, here are some of the beliefs and values that drive lkldnow.com:


  • Journalism’s primary mission is to inform people so that they can become educated voters and participants in civic life.
  • News and community information should be easy to access and available when and where the reader is ready for it.
  • Civic engagement leads to a better community.


  • Taking responsibility for accuracy in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information
  • Supporting the open and civil exchange of views
  • Treating news sources, subjects, colleagues, and members of the community with respect
  • Acting independently and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Being accountable and transparent in our relationship to the community.

Barry Friedman gave a slightly different version of the site’s guiding principles in his “10 crazy dreams” for community journalism at the lkldnow launch event.

Readers who want to explore these ideas further might be interested in “Geeks Bearing Gifts: Imagining New Futures for News” by Jeff Jarvis.



Article comments are a great way to add more voices to the story. All comments are reviewed before publishing. Please use your real name. Anonymous comments will not be approved. Neither will comments that contain personal attacks, derogatory language, unproven allegations, etc.

Add us to your home screen

Lkldnow.com is configured for mobile devices. For quicker access, consider adding an icon to your home screen. Here’s how:

iPhone, iPad: In the Safari browser, go to lkldnow.com, then tap the Share button (That’s the square one with an arrow pointing up). Tap the Add to Home Screen icon. Then tap Add. (This isn’t available in the Chrome browser.)

Android: In the Chrome browser, go to lkldnow.com, then tap the “hamburger” menu button and select Add to homescreen.

Check a howtogeek.com article for more details and illustrations.

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