Why Become a Member?

  • You value truly local, independent, quality journalism as a public good.
  • You believe that robust local journalism that is freely accessible to all is key to the civic health and quality of life in Lakeland.
  • You support LkldNow’s mission to provide locally driven news for free to the community and want to see our reporting grow.

What does being a LkldNow member mean?

LkldNow’s mission is to cultivate community engagement, so our membership program is about forging a deeper connection to our community. As a member you can:
  • Get invited to insider events giving ‘behind-the-scenes’ access to local organizations.

  • Attend meetups with LkldNow’s publisher and team to further the dialogue on local issues.
  • Have access to early registration for our community events.

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

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