Video and Photos: Lakeland Homelessness Forum

Here are photos and partial video from “Humanity, Housing and Homelessness,” a forum held Thursday evening at Catapult Lakeland. An article about the forum will be added later today.

Forum moderator was Andrea Oliver, center. Panelists on the right side of the screen are, from left, Bill Mutz, Lakeland mayor; Brenda Reddout, executive director of Talbot House Ministries; Megan Peterson, domestic violence primary prevention advocate at Peace River Center; and Ben Ruch, Polk County Public Schools homeless liaison. Panelists on the left side of the screen include Bridget Engleman, center, executive director of the Homeless Coalition of Polk County, flanked by Erica and Barbara, two women who have experienced homelessness. (Apologies for the subpar audio; it’s a result of a computer crash that occurred just before the forum began.)