WFLA reviewed records in the Joseph Irby-Taylor Irby divorce case, finding a first sign of trouble in a December 2018 text message from the husband saying he had toyed with suicide. Soon after, the wife filed for sole custody “in the children’s best interest.” Since then, both have filed papers in court saying they fear harm from the other. Joseph Irby’s lawyer told the TV station his client is not violent and termed the conflict an ugly custody battle. The case received national attention (examples) after Taylor Irby was arrested and jailed for six days when she went to the Lakeland Police Department to turn in weapons she took from her estranged husband’s apartment.

Source: WFLA News Channel 8

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  1. Tnks Barry. Missed it earlier but Chan 8 report is good quick fair overview. Suicide threat text msg by husband is most disturbing. Her car bumper damage seems insignificant.

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