New York Times Looks at Gun Issue in Lakeland Arrest

Along with reports by the BBC, NPR and the Washington Post, The New York Times covered issues surrounding the arrest of Courtney Taylor Irby by Lakeland police.  She’s the woman who was charged with armed burglary and spent six days in jail after taking police the guns she removed from her estranged husband’s home when a judge ordered him not to carry them. Among others, reporter Nicholas Bogel Burroughs spoke with:

  • University of Florida criminal law professor Kevin Nunn, who said the charges were an abuse of police discretion: “She was trying to enforce something that the police should’ve enforced All she’s doing is saying, ‘Look, he’s not supposed to have these guns.’”
  • Deborah Epstein, the director of Georgetown University Law Center’s Domestic Violence Clinic, who said the case illustrates there’s no clear method for defendants to forfeit guns following a court order that they not be used: “Turning the blame on victims of domestic violence when the system is broken down makes no sense.”
  • Lakeland lawyer Robert Peddy, who represents the husband, Joseph Irby. He said Taylor Irby is seeking sole custody of the two children in divorce proceedings and her motivations have been “custodial and financial.”