Speed Limit Lowered to 20 MPH on Lake Morton Drive

Drive Like Your Swans Live Here
First United Methodist Church signs urge safety.

The speed limit on Lake Morton Drive will be reduced from 25 mph to 20 mph next week, the first change implemented to combat the distracted driving that has injured a runner and killed five swans in recent weeks.

New signs will be posted next week, Lakeland traffic operations manager Angelo Rao said.

The lower speed limit was recommended at a meeting Rao and other city officials held Tuesday night with the Lake Morton Neighborhood Association to exchange ideas on increasing safety near the lake.

Residents can submit other ideas and give their opinions on five other proposed solutions in an online survey that will remain open until Oct. 8.

The potential “traffic calming” solutions aimed at refocusing driver attention include “bulb out” pedestrian landings, landscaped medians, painting lines to mark parking spots, raised crosswalks and reflective flashing beacons. The potential “traffic calming” solutions are aimed at refocusing driver attention. Learn more about the options here and here.

A recent traffic study concluded the average speed limit on Lake Morton Drive was 18 miles per hour. While city officials say speed hasn’t caused the recent accidents, the consensus at Tuesday’s meeting was that the presence of 20 mph signs would help persuade drivers to be more cautious.