LPD Nabs 3-Legged Gator, Hauls It to Lake Hunter

gatorAfter being tipped off by a bicyclist, Lakeland Police officers apprehended a three-legged alligator along Missouri Avenue early this morning, shoved it into a police cruiser and released it into Lake Hunter. Video after the jump…

The call to LPD came from Fresco’s waiter Corey Plummer, who was on his way home from work. Here’s his tale:

“I was biking home from work last night off Missouri around 1 a.m. Saw this gator about three feet from me. Right beside The Ledger. It was about 7 feet and its right arm was a nub. Immediately called the police. They put it back in Lake Hunter. Colleen’s brother and I filmed everything.”

Here are the videos he posted on Instagram:

The outside-The-Ledger video


The Lake Hunter video