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It takes a lot to keep lkldnow running. Fortunately, we’ve enjoyed encouragement from a lot of people who appreciate our community-focused journalism, we’ve gotten a few donations, and we’ve benefited from the work of some photo contributors (David Dickey Jr., particularly) and the local social media community. Now we’re putting out a call for volunteers to help keep our nonprofit operation going.

Here are some of the things you can do to help:

REPORTING: The focus of our journalism is efforts to make Lakeland more livable. We’re looking for writers who want to report on the work people and organizations are doing to improve the community. If interested, just remember that we’re a news site, not an opinion site.

[box]If interested in volunteering to help in any way, please contact Barry Friedman at or 863-576-7079.[/box]

PHOTOGRAPHY: Several photographers have volunteered already, but we can use more who want to display galleries of local events or help in coverage. (Videographers are welcome, too, but you may also want to consider getting involved with our friends at LkldTV.)

DEVELOPMENT: If we’re going to survive, we need to jumpstart our outreach to potential corporate sponsors. We have expanded our sponsorship packages, so we need help updating our marketing materials, identifying potential sponsors, setting up meetings and then following up.

MARKETING:  We need to let more people know lkldnow and what we do. So far social media has been our main promotional channel. We need help identifying opportunities for our editor/publisher, Barry Friedman, to speak to local civic organizations (He recently developed a talk about how to guard against fake news). And it would be great to have advice from marketing pros on other ways to let people know what we’re doing.

MEMBERSHIP: We’d like to start a program that gives supporters some perks such as social events and perhaps discounts at local stores when they offer financial support. To make that happen, we need somebody who will help brainstorm opportunities and coordinate the program.

SPONSORED POSTS: We’re looking at letting organizations promote their services and products by sponsoring clearly marked posts on and on our social media. A volunteer could help coordinate the acquisition of sponsors or help write/photograph the posts since the editorial staff of lkldnow won’t be involved in creating the content.

CURATION: One of our editor’s main function is sifting through news about Lakeland from outside sources and linking to the good stuff while adding appropriate context. While Barry will remain our main curator, he could use some help on occasion. (Chuck Welch did an excellent job filling in a couple of times last year, but it would be nice to have one more backup curator.)

If interested in these or other volunteer opportunities, let’s talk. Contact Barry Friedman at or 863-576-7079. Thank you for helping us provide mobile news aimed at getting people involved with their community.

SEND CORRECTIONS, questions, feedback or news tips:

Barry Friedman founded in 2015 as the culmination of a career in print and digital journalism. Since 1982, he has used the tools of reporting, editing and content curation to help people in Lakeland understand their community better.

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