City crews plan to paint a diagonal crosswalk at Cleveland Heights Boulevard/Scott Lake Road and Lake Miriam Drive on Tuesday as part of a series of changes aimed at improving safety for students walking to Lakeland Highlands Middle School, city officials announced this morning.

The crosswalk will allow students to cross more quickly between the sidewalks on the east side of Scott Lake Road and the north side of Lake Miriam Drive while decreasing delays for motorists, Lakeland Traffic Operations Director Angelo Rao said.

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The diagonal crosswalk combines with two other changes at the intersection:

  • “Exclusive pedestrian crossing” timing installed in May stops traffic in all directions when any pedestrian signal at the intersection is pushed.
  • “No right turn on red” blankout signs being installed Tuesday will activate in any direction but eastbound when pedestrian signals at the intersection are pushed.

The combination of the diagonal crosswalk and the no-right-turn signs should allow pedestrians to cross faster — and delay traffic for less time — than the previous L-shaped crossing of two streets took, Rao said.

“We are confident that this package of safety countermeasures will play a significant role in improving the safety to the children while minimizing inconvenience to the motoring public,” Rao said in a city of Lakeland news release.  “The TOPS (Traffic Operations and Parking Services) team will continue to monitor the intersection’s operations through our CCTV system on a daily basis.”

Crosswalk painting at the intersection is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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