Polk County public schools have named 2015-2016 teachers and school-related employees of the year. The countywide winners will be named during an invitation-only ceremony at the Lakeland Center on Feb. 9.

Nominees from Lakeland schools are:

Bill Duncan Opportunity Center: Edwin Charles Brooks Sr. (TOY); Juanita Daughtry (SRE)

Carlton Palmore Elementary: Jessica Maslyn (TOY); Michael Lowe (SRE)

Cleveland Court Elementary: Ken Groff (TOY); Debbie Greenhow (SRE)

Combee Elementary: Amanda Williams (TOY); Victor Franco (SRE)

Crystal Lake Elementary: Michelle Hunt (TOY); Debbie Green (SRE)

Crystal Lake Middle: Melea Jennings (TOY); Teresa Canterbury (SRE)

Dixieland Elementary: Mandi White (TOY); Nancy Walls (SRE)

Doris A. Sanders Learning Center: Robert Sullivan (TOY); Sherry L. Murray (SRE)

Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary: Shannon Dodd Moats (TOY); Brandy Victor (SRE)

Edgar L. Padgett Elementary: Brandon Hayes (TOY); Alveza Garcia (SRE)

George W. Jenkins Senior High: Ned Murphy (TOY); Emily Higgins (SRE)

Griffin Elementary: Cheryl Revolinski (TOY); Michele Bramble (SRE)

Harrison School for the Arts: Shelley Bourgeois (TOY); Carlos Lumpuy (SRE)

Highlands Grove Elementary: Jessica Solano (TOY); Jill Thompson (SRE)

James W. Sikes Elementary: Meggan Durre Burgess (TOY); Maria I. Portal Chirino (SRE)

Jesse Keen Elementary: Cleo Johnson (TOY); Cora Rankins (SRE)

Kathleen Elementary: Nicole Fortner (TOY); Judy Thirion (SRE)

Kathleen Middle: Jennifer Kathryn Billups (TOY); Diana Oxford (SRE)

Kathleen Senior High: Andrew Gash (TOY); Jeri McKinney (SRE)

Lake Gibson Middle: David Sihombing (TOY); Cassie Meldau (SRE)

Lake Gibson Senior High: Mindy Baine (TOY); Grace Bushall (SRE)

Lakeland Senior High: Tracy Chaves (TOY); Ivan Cubela (SRE)

Lakeland Highlands Middle: Brenda Logan Wise (TOY); Cheryl Wiggins (SRE)

Lawton Chiles Middle Academy: Debra Graham Garcia (TOY); Jessica Rogers (SRE)

Lincoln Avenue Academy: Ina Cameron (TOY); Kimberly Green (SRE)

Maynard A. Traviss Career Center: Brenton Wildes (TOY); Karen Skinner (SRE)

Medulla Elementary: Carissa Lloyd Cabello (TOY); Linda Richardson (SRE)

North Lakeland Elementary: Venecia Arias (TOY); Tammy Slocum (SRE)

Oscar J. Pope Elementary: Nicole Windle (TOY); Taina I. Corcelles (SRE)

Philip O’Brien Elementary: Carolyn Ouhri (TOY); Mayra Nidia Ramos Carpio (SRE)

Polk County Virtual: Robin Knitt (TOY)

  1. Bruce Wagner Elementary: Aimee Stine (TOY); George E. “Sonny” Trask III (SRE)
  2. Clem Churchwell Elementary: Kathy McClellan (TOY); Sharon Roberts (SRE)

Rochelle School of the Arts: Joel Rodriguez (TOY); Taurean Javon (T.J.) Starks (SRE)

Rosabelle W. Blake Academy: Antje Wetherington (TOY); Priscilla M. Walters (SRE)

Scott Lake Elementary: Karla Garcia (TOY); Katia Perez (SRE)

Sleepy Hill Elementary: Nelly Ocasio (TOY); Ismael Jimenez (SRE)

Sleepy Hill Middle: Maegen Wren (TOY); Stacy Meyers (SRE)

Socrum Elementary: Brenda Coult-Bailey (TOY); Penny Alderman (SRE)

Southwest Elementary: Ashley Smith (TOY); Elizabeth Tackett (SRE)

Southwest Middle: Xochil Aguilar (TOY); Andrea Rhoden (SRE)

Tenoroc High: Yadira Camacho (TOY); Charlotte Bailey (SRE)

Valleyview Elementary: Sylvia Guess (TOY); Nikki Blevins (SRE)

Wendell Watson Elementary: Ashley Wightman (TOY); Nancy Adkins (SRE)

West Area Adult: Brenda Lee Turner (TOY); Andrea Styer (SRE)

Winston Academy of Engineering: Amanda Leggate (TOY); Maria Negron (SRE)

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