Read It in the Morning Paper, Foodie Edition

PUBLIX: The Grove Park Publix reopened at 7 a.m. today in a rebuilt store that’s 5,000 square feet larger than its 1960s-era predecessor. At 10 a.m. doors open to the public for the first time on a Publix liquor store in the same plaza. In North Lakeland, the Plantation Square Publix on Socrum Loop Road will be similarly rebuilt; it closed last night and reopens sometime next year. Eric Pera reports.

DWAYNE’S PLACE: It was just over a month ago that the owner of Dwayne’s Place Diner and Grill railed on Facebook (here) against The Ledger’s methods of using restaurant health inspections as clickbait. He’s probably feeling friendlier toward The Morning Paper today following Eric Pera’s four-star review praising the South Lakeland restaurant’s Southern-style comfort food in general and its sloppy joes in particular.

HONEYCOMB / TWENTY SEVEN: The very busy Mr. Pera chats with Benjamin Vickers and Jenna O’Brien about their plans for a Bay Street storefront downtown that will house Vickers’ Honeycomb bakery and bistro and O’Brien’s Twenty Seven purveyor of paper goods, gifts and art.