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DOWNTOWN: A proposal to develop apartments, retail and a garage on the Oak Street parking lot took a baby step forward Thursday. The city’s CRA Advisory Board voted to ask city commissioners to let their staff negotiate with Catalyst Asset Management of Tampa to buy the city-owned property. (No link yet; the story isn’t online. Here’s some background.)

merit scholarsMERIT SCHOLARS: Four newly announced National Merit Scholars from Polk include three Lakeland students who attend the International Baccalaureate School at Bartow High School — Erica C. Roberts, John M. Scott and Victoria Marie Vailoces — and a Harrison School for the Arts student, Katherine G. Achinger.

PEACHES: The Peach Truck (website) will stop at the Silver Moon Drive-In Tuesday from 8 to 9 a.m. Price: $42 for a half bushel.