Preliminary results from the Florida Avenue road diet test in Dixieland are renewing controversy over the project, News Channel 8 reports. The city of Lakeland says that trips through the Ariana Street-to-Lime Street corridor are taking around 60 seconds longer but injury crashes are down 12.7%. Business owners are divided about whether the project is harmful or helpful. | See city Facebook posts for more info and comments

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. It is the worst decision ever made by any City Commissioners. The reason accidents are down is you can’t drive more than 10 to 15 mph. And if you are in a side street trying to come out onto Florida Ave. you wait forever. Hate it.
    Ellis Hirsch. Lakeland,Fl

  2. The intent was to increase the safety of those walking along Florida Avenue in Dixieland. I don’t see any pedestrians using the sidewalk…Of course I avoid that section (and Florida Avenue in general) like I do Covid so I probably wouldn’t see them. Unfortunately there will never be a vaccine for Florida Avenue diets or stupidity in general.

  3. When Sara Walsh of The Ledger did the follow-up story on the diet some months ago, the city refused to provide the delay times associated with the actual vehicle counts. If they had revealed the delay per vehicle, I believe, it would clearly show a longer delay per vehicle since there are fewer folks using Florida Avenue. I don’t trust any data coming out of our traffic department. Traffic keeps getting worse due to growth and we don’t seem to have any solution except to encourage more growth.

    Notice how all the recently installed all-way stops promotes the flow of traffic? Guess I missed that improvement…

    The city installed an all-way stop at the corner of Lincoln and Lk. Hunter some years ago which stops over 1500 cars (or even more currently) a day instead of installing a signalized crosswalk to let those few folks safely cross without making every single car stop even when there is no foot traffic. So smart and such a wise use of time and energy!

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