Local medical professionals say the science shows that children should mask up in schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but Polk School Superintendent Fred Heid said his hands are tied by the state, News Channel 8 reports. Polk’s school district has no plans to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order on masks, as other districts have done, Heid said during a virtual news conference Friday. MORE: News conference video | Fox 13 News | 10 Tampa Bay | ABC Action News | The Ledger

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. Superintendent Heid is a coward. He hides behind the Governor’s threat of withholding funds if schools defy his order. We don’t live in a communist society and our past has always been about challenging things we didn’t agree on. I believe Superintendent Heid forgets his most important function, the safety of Polk County school children. Data and statistics show vaccines and masking up help prevent the spread of the virus. The children under 12 don’t even have the option of a vaccine so their only alternative to safety is a mask.
    Step up Heid, do what’s right, defy the Governor’s order and protect the children under your watch, get them masked!

  2. His hands are not tied. We have courts for a reason. How can you be charged with the care of thousands of kids but not take actions that will prevent certain death? If my kids get sick or die, expect a lawsuit.

  3. Fred Heid did an amazing job keeping the students, staff and teachers safe while superintendent of D300. The governor did not tie his hands and he went above and beyond to get us back in school and keep us in school! I’m grateful for his knowledge, commitment to science and care for his community!

  4. It is far more communistic to force folks to cover the only two air holes God has given us to breathe out of. And even more so to support the loss of jobs, health care, and ability to travel based on your psuedo science fears and covidian cultism that apparently lacks faith in your false doctrine of safety because you still want the rest of us to take the Frankenshot that isn’t even protecting you!

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