Crews topped off roof construction Friday on the eight-story Summit office building on Lake Mirror. The next step is adding pre-cast panels, News Channel 8 reports. The work is expected to take 70 days, and drivers can expect the closure of Main Street along the north side of the building for four weeks starting April 26. Massachusetts Avenue is expected to remain open. | News release

Feb. 28 photo taken from the U.S. 98 bridge

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. I believe many are overly exasperating the effect of this building. Wait until it has the skin on it. It will look a lot nicer. People keep saying it blocks the view from lake Mirror, but it only blocks the view of an existing parking garage and 5 story lofts. ( I don’t think these same people would say they are pretty to look at either- the Architecture of the lofts is nice but you can’t see it from the lake). It was limited to only 8 stories – it’s not like it is 25 -30 stories! I believe it will fit in just fine. Taller buildings could be located near the R P Funding Center and never effect lake Mirror. Lakeland has been growing for years and will continue to grow. People just need to accept that. I believe our City Commissioners are doing a great job in directing it.

  2. Oh boy! Just can’t wait until we have all those 500 or so folks funneling in and out of downtown each morning and afternoon. All that traffic on streets designed primarily for the traffic flow in what year? How exciting!

  3. The idea that growth is unavoidable is a false conclusion. Nothing is sure but death. The only folks who profit from growth are realtors and developers who actually run this city.

    It’s not the building Mr. Diamond it’s the number of folks in downtown. Roads are always designed with a traffic capacity. Have we really increased capacity of the routes in and out of downtown? I think I’ll just avoid the area entirely unless I have an hour to wait for a lunch table at Harry’s.

    Good job with growth? How about all the new apartments being built in downtown? Hope those folks don’t drive.
    Eventually, you will get the bill for growth but hopefully I’ll be long dead by then. Unfortunately, the bill may continue to come in the form of a continued and reduced quality of life.

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