Lakeland Ballot Is Finalized

There were no surprises as qualifying for city offices ended at noon today. All of the candidates who had announced for mayor and city commission filed their paperwork, and no last-minute candidates emerged.

The Nov. 7 election ballot will include the race for mayor, three City Commission seats and a ballot initiative in which voters will decide whether to change the form of city government to one run by a “strong” mayor.

The races and candidates are:

James Green
Patrick Shawn Jones
H. William “Bill” Mutz
Christopher Diaz

Southwest District
Michael Dunn
Larry Durrence
Jorge Fonseca
Pablo Sologaistoa

Southeast District
Scott Franklin
Sandy Toledo

At-Large Commissioner
Stephanie Madden
Jim Malless
Laurel Pullo
Ricky Shirah
Kathy Smith Barsotti

While some commissioners represent geographic districts, they are elected in citywide races.