Home Depot is planning an 800,000-square-foot distribution center just west of County Line Road. The city of Plant City is offering a seven-year exemption from property taxes for the facility at Wiggins and Rice Roads that is expected to employ 150 initially and possibly up to 350 eventually. “This is a win for all of Tampa Bay,”  Mayor Rick Lott told Fox 13 News. “I truly believe what we do in Plant City helps Lakeland. What Lakeland does helps Plant City and so forth throughout Hillsborough County.”
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Source: Fox 13 News

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  1. I don’t live in Plant City so I “have no dog in this hunt”….but if I were a taxpayer there I would think that a 7 year tax exemption is NUTS. Yes, the facility will creates some jobs. But the infrastructure cost impacts are significant and Plant City shares with Lakeland the costs of developing County Lline Road. I don’t “get” why such a generous incentive is needed to get a project to an area that is already as “hot” as it can be.

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