A Guide to the Local Elections

Winter Haven lawyer Kemp Brinson has put together an excellent guide to the candidates and issues on the Nov. 8 ballot — yes, there are lots of other races besides the Clinton-Trump one. You can see his entire guide here or read on and get links to the local races.

Brinson provides links to help readers educate themselves about the candidates and issues on the ballot and in a few cases offers his analysis.

Posting this does not imply lkldnow’s agreement or disagreement with Brinson’s analysis, but I have found him to be deeply thoughtful and broadly fair-minded in the several years I’ve known him. I also should point out that Brinson has done some legal work for me and for lkldnow.com and its parent organization. (Thanks, Kemp.)



You can verify your districts and generate a sample ballot via the Polk Supervisor of Election website. These are the races involving Lakeland-based districts:

The Nov. 8 ballot also includes numerous several statewide races, constitutional amendments and judicial retentions. For a full list, check Brinson’s post.