Gore Building

Broadway Realty plans to restore the 1925 Gore Building across Massachusetts Avenue from the Lakeland Police Department. The concept: offices or retail at street level; residences upstairs.

The restoration proposal still needs to go through review by city agencies, including the Historic Preservation Board. Broadway President Matt Clark says while formal plans haven’t been submitted yet, city officials know what is proposed “and we are confident it will get approved.”

The building at 238 N. Massachusetts Ave. includes 16,000 square feet downstairs and 5,000 square feet upstairs.


If you’ll permit me to go into first person: Clark mentioned the Gore Building when I interviewed him for a workspace profile in February.

I had trouble envisioning the building but was interested that upstairs residences were planned — making it a link between Broadway’s NoBay mixed-use development to the west and the hoped-for North Lake Mirror community to the east.

Earlier this week I noticed a Facebook posting seeking tenants for the building. The artist’s rendering looked interesting, but I still didn’t recognize the building.

So I drove by the next day and took some photos. By chance, one of them was almost the same perspective as the drawing. (I hadn’t bothered to look up the photo on my phone before taking the photos.)

I put the photos together using an iPhone app called Diptic that my photographer daughter told me about and was struck by the difference. So here we are.

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  1. North Lake Mirror? What ever happened to giving communities names instead of directions.

    I like the sound of the Langford neighborhood. 🙂

    1. The Community Development folks wanted to take advantage of the cachet that Lake Mirror has developed as a place for leisure, recreation and trendy new businesses.

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