Dine and Play Board Games at Planned Venture

Danny Lott YouTube screenshotIf you don’t think Danny Lott is enthusiastic about board games, just check his  video promoting his upcoming Kickstarter project to start a game cafe in Lakeland. Or the YouTube channel dedicated to his game reviews. 

The goal of Lott’s Kickstarter campaign, set to launch Feb. 20, according to a Twitter post, is help funding the Game Shelf, a venue where customers can order meals, snacks and beverages while having access to a wide array of board games.

The games will be sorted by theme, time commitment, number of players and recommended player age, Lott says.

His Kickstarter goal is to raise $3,000 to buy more games and continue scouting sites, Lott told The Ledger. While the location hasn’t been determined, the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority’s Julie Townsend said she would recommend a nighttime entertainment venture like Lott’s to the city core.

The current plan is to charge a $5 admission and possibly serve alcohol after 8 p.m., a strategy that won praise from business/restaurant consultant Larry Ross.  “Then they’re not a restaurant; they’re an entertainment venue that charges admission and serves food and beverage. That dramatically increases their chance of success,” he told The Ledger.