Classic Lake Mirror Columns Being Restored

A $199,000 project to restore four sets of columns at Lake Mirror that date to 1926 got under way today as workers began dismantling them. 

The work is being conducted by Rodda Construction, the only firm submitting a bid on the project.

The structures are known as the Dixie Highway Columns after a previous name given to the eastern entrance to the city, a road now called Main Street.

They were built in 1926 as part of the grand concourse around Lake Mirror that was later named the Frances Langford Promenade.

The four clusters of five columns topped by lighted globes were replaced in 1959. After damage was noticed following a windstorm in 2016, the columns were strapped together and filled with epoxy.

Funding for the project includes a $50,000 state grant. The rest is being paid by a city fund to renovate buildings and playgrounds.

Restoration steps include:

  • Remove all four sets of columns and salvage the Corinthian caps and the column bases.
  • Cast new columns from molds that will be made from the current columns.
  • Rebuild the column clusters, rewire them and reinstall the globe lights at the top.