Burgerim Mini-Burger Chain Coming to South Lakeland

BurgerimBurgerim, a California-based mini-burger chain that has roots in Israel, is planning a south Lakeland location as it spreads into Florida.

The Lakeland location of Burgerim will join a Honeybaked Ham location at the Maryoma Plaza, being developed at 5505 S. Florida Ave., which is on the west side of the road south of Schoolhouse Road.

Burgerim’s concept gives customers multiple ways to customize their order. There’s a choice of 11 different 2.8-ounce patties, including a vegetarian option, and nine toppings.

Burgerim, which is the Hebrew plural for burgers, was founded by Donna Tuchner, an Israeli native who went to culinary school in New York and opened the chain’s first outlet in Tel Aviv, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The company’s website shows a multitude of locations in California, Texas and Florida, though Lakeland isn’t listed yet and 25 of the 27 Florida locations are listed as “coming soon.”

The Lakeland store should open this spring, YLakeland reports.