The physical education teacher responsible for students involved in a fight in a Blake Academy locker room last week has been put on administrative leave, Bay News 9 reports. The mother of the victim is demanding he be fired and that the boy who attacked her son be expelled. She asked the Polk School Board at its Tuesday night meeting to implement “school policies that align with protecting victims’ rights, not sheltering the accused.”
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  1. If truth be known this mother’s son is not that innocent. This did not happen in a vacuum where one boy walked up and bit another boy for no reason. What transpired before all this happened.

    1. You would have to be completely illogical to think that there is any way that one child deserved this attack. This is a racial attack, a jumping. Clearly you’re confused on how bullying works; the victim does not have to have done anything to be brutalized. It does not matter what happened! You are the type of person who could be smacked in the face with the facts and still be looking for alternatives. It’s delusional to make a conspiracy that any child deserves what happened to him. I guess because a group of white thugs attacked this young black boy, there has to be a reason.

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