“Someone recently told me to tread lightly in Lakeland, that the city has yet to support and sustain a bakery,” a local baker wrote on Instagram. I’ll confess I had a similar impression for many years. But I’m rethinking it as several bakery businesses are emerging. Read on to see who they are and what they’re doing.

To get a sense of what bakers are offering, lkldnow sent a questionnaire via email to locally owned businesses that specialize in retail sales via stand-alone stores, other retailers or at regularly scheduled markets. If we couldn’t get an email address, we used Facebook messages and/or voice mails.

Here are the responses we received in alphabetical order. They’ve been edited for brevity and clarity.

Born & Bread Bakehouse

Specialty: Naturally leavened breads and European-inspired pastries.

Other items: Croissants, cruffins, brioche, sourdough breads

Price range: $3-$6

Address or Market: Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market

Hours: Saturday 8 a.m.- sold out

Owner: Jennifer Smurr

In business since: March 2015

What sets you apart? Time and quality. Time: Our pastries take three days to make and our bread takes a minimum of 20 hours. Quality: A word used freely by many, but we use it with emotion. With so few ingredients, we believe sourcing the best makes our products undeniable different.


Social media: Facebook | Instagram 


Graceful Grains

Specialty:  Graceful Grains is a local small-batch bakery that specializes in baking from freshly milled organic and all-natural grains. We do not allow any flour into the bakery; we only allow organic and all-natural whole grains into the bakery. We mill our grains into delicious and nutritious fresh flour just prior to baking in order to capture the nutrition inherent in whole grains.

Items include: Grand champion bread with organic hard red and hard white wheat berries; gluten-free sorghum-brown rice bread; sweet breads; cookies, muffins, and breakfast breads.

Price range: $2.25 – $12.00

Market: Downtown Lakeland Farmer’s Curb Market

Selling Hours: Saturdays year around (except August) 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Website orders available soon.

Owner: Debra Bershak

In business since: January 2015

What sets you apart? Our commitment to using only freshly milled organic and all natural grains


Social media profiles: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Newsletter: email me at to be added to our weekly email.


Katara Confectionery

Specialty: Macarons

Other items: 36-hour chocolate chip cookies, happy campers

Price range: $2- $3

Address or Market: Concord Coffee, Black and Brew and by special order

Hours: Varies

Owners: Katrina Burns and Tara Campbell

In business since: May 2016

What sets you apart? Quality, freshness and originality. Our macarons are often hand painted and can be any color or design.

Social media: Facebook | Instagram


Mrs Baker’s Biscotti

Specialty: Tender, crispy biscotti made in assorted flavors, including fruits and nuts. Also gluten-free biscotti.

Other items: Gluten-free baked goods,  fudge in assorted flavors including fruit and nuts

Price range:  $1 – $5

Address or Market: Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market

Hours: Saturday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. twice a month. Check our Facebook page for dates

Owner: Kathy Baker

In business since: 2015

What sets you apart?  Our biscotti is tender crispy so it has a softer bite. We also make it gluten free, with a smooth not gritty feel.  This year we are also offering gluten-free baked goods.

Website: under construction

Social media: Facebook


Oh 4 Goodness Cakes

Specialty: Gluten-free items for market, as well as gluten-free specialty cakes. I use only organic flour on all my other items, and I make everything from scratch.

Other items:  I am known for my cheese pastries and bear claws. I recently introduced a line of babkas. Also: French-style breads and pastries.

Price range: $1.50 to $4 for small items and $6.00 up for breads and babkas.

Address or Market: Lakeland downtown curb market 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays or  call me at 863-398-3392.

Owner: Susan Hokanson, baking at a licensed share kitchen at Catapult Lakeland.

What sets you apart? I make as much as I can from scratch, including caramel and graham crackers. I always use organic flour.


Social media: Facebook


Uncle Nick’s NY Style Bagels

Specialty: Bagels, subs

Other items: Homemade Italian entrees, desserts, cheesesteaks, soups, salads, catering

Price range: most under $10

Address: 1755 E. Edgewood Drive and 6955 Old Highway 37; coming soon to NoBay downtown

Hours: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday; 6 a.m. to 8 pm Thursday through Saturday

Owners: Ken DeBellis, Nick DeBellis

In business since: October 2015

What sets you apart? Bagels and breads baked fresh daily, authentic, NY style cuisine


Social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Other bakeries we attempted to contact were:

If you’re with any of these bakeries and would like to be added to this article, email the info to newstips(at) And if you know of a locally owned bakery we haven’t mentioned, please send the name of the bakery and contact info to newstips(at) Thanks.

Two related businesses that did respond are no longer open. Jon Boring has closed Dublin Bread and Community Bakery @ SoFlo to concentrate on another family business.

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