During public comments at the end of their regular meeting Monday, city commissioners faced a barrage of criticism (and a bit of support) for their 4-3 decision three days earlier to use red-light camera funds to move the Confederate monument from Munn Park to Veterans Park. Former Mayor Howard Wiggs said it was disingenuous to claim the funds collected from fines “do not belong to our citizens.” An assistant city attorney said commissioners will be asked to make a formal vote on the red-light camera appropriations at their Nov. 19 meeting. ALSO: Video of the monument discussion

Source: The Ledger

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  1. Thankfully Howard is no longer Mayor. The city is fortunate to have Mayor Bill Mutz now as a courageous leader who understands that racism and treason are not healthy values for a modern city.

    1. Thankfully, Skip Perez is a FORMER Ledger Editor. Mr. Perez needs to study history a little closer and better. No one was indicted for treason during the war. And, racism had nothing to do with the Confederacy considering black, white, Hispanics, Jewish, Native Americans and even Asian people fought for and supported the Confederacy. If Bill Mutz is so courageous, then why doesn’t he let the city vote?

  2. It’s clear that the Civil War never ended. We’ve peacefully lived under northern occupation for 150 years and now we can’t even memorialize our dead ancestors. You have colonized the south until you outnumber us and have such contempt that you feel driven to stand with a boot on our neck until all dna of our existence is gone. You count on the fact that few people question why 750,000 died so that 7% could have slave labor. Maybe there were other reasons. Right now, the shame is on those who were elected to protect the city, it’s heritage and it’s future.

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