Step-by-Step Look at the LPD Shooting

Here’s a step-by-step look at last night’s police-involved shooting, based on Lakeland Police Department news releases and a statement to reporters:

  • Shannon K. Wood, 46, and her boyfriend, Wesley Lee Cook, who turned 44 today, argue and Cook takes Wood’s cellphone from her.
  • At 8:43 p.m. Monday, Wood calls LPD saying she needs help retrieving personal items from Cook’s house at 1563 Turtle Rock Court. She calls from a 7-Eleven on Edgewood Drive since Cook has her phone. Wood tells the dispatcher she wanted an officer to stand by to avoid a fight with Cook.

  • Officers Paul Dunn and David Cook are sent to meet Wood.
  • As they travel, the officers receive a message that Cook has two firearms at his house.
  • The officers speak with Wood and decide to go to Cook’s house and talk with him about retrieving Wood’s belongings.
  • When they get to Cook’s house, the officers knock on the door and ring the doorbell.
  • The officers see Cook approaching through a side window. He’s nude and holding what appears to be a black handgun.
  • The officers back up to the side of a garage,
  • Cook opens the door still holding the gun.
  • The officers tell Cook to drop the gun.
  • Cook refuses.
  • Dunn shoots nine times, hitting Cook four times.
  • A loaded 40-caliber, semi-automatic firearm is recovered next to where Cook fell after he was shot.
  • Attempts were made to treat Cook at the scene He “was combative and still refused any commands and did not want medical treatment,” a news release said.
  • Cook is taken to Lakeland Regional Health, where he was reported in critical condition. Surgery was scheduled for this afternoon.
  • Police officials talked with neighbors. At least one witness said she heard the officers tell Cook to drop his gun.
  • No charges have been filed yet. The investigation continues.
  • Dunn, who has been with LPD for 2 1/2 years, was the officer involved in the shooting and he will be placed on administrative leave during the investigation, per policy.

The Sheriff’s Office dismissed Dunn on charges of insubordination and neglect of duty, The Ledger reported.

In 2004, he shot in individual during a drug raid while he was a sheriff’s deputy; that shooting was ruled justified by the State Attorney’s Office, The Ledger reported.