The state of Florida shut down its monoclonal antibody treatment center in Lakeland on Friday amid lessened demand for the COVID-19 treatment, News Channel 8 reports. At least 12 of the state’s 25 sites are closing, the station reports. While treatments at the state’s centers are free, patients may face a charge at hospitals or other treatment locations. The closest state centers still open are in Clearwater and St Cloud. | Updated list of state sites

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Source: News Channel 8

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  1. I live in Lakeland and as a central location for getting the monoclonal treatments it pisses me off that our center is being closed. Two of my friends got covid and were treated here in Lakeland. Now Brandon is the clossest location and about an hour’s drive for me. This is a typical government ploy to push us into getting the “vaccine” shots that aren’t fully effective and have caused many serious side effects. Future physical issues may also be looming ahead for those who buckeled under the media pressure and got the covid shots.

  2. Greg,
    It’s possible that low demand led to the closing. I’m pretty sure our governor who opened the one in Lakeland wouldn’t want it closed just to force folks to vaccinate. I believe it would be just the opposite. He seemed to choose or prefer monoclonal over vaccination. Maybe it’s not the media driving this change…could be the economics of supply and demand. Lots of costly supply but little demand.

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