Well before the events captured in Netflix’ Tiger King, Tampa and Lakeland boasted another hyper-colorful big cat king. Gene Holloway owned the Sea Wolf restaurant at Lake Miriam 40 years ago and the Tudor house on Lake Hollingsworth that was moved to Florida Avenue in 2014 and now fronts the Cob & Pen. The Tampa Bay Times’ Paul Guzzo profiles Holloway, recalling the six large felines he showcased at the Tampa Seawolf on Busch Boulevard.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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  1. I asked Gene has he been paid for any of the articles Guzzo and other people have published on his behalf. Gene said no well it seems to me everyone else is being compensated and Gene Holloway is being exploited for his info and movie material. I have a very nasty attorney waiting like a wolf and I won`t allow that to happen if anything hits the screen on my father. You people forget who Gene really is and where he came from your just playing with fire………………. The Holloway`s

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