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Until now, no company has offered home delivery of Publix groceries in Lakeland. But by next week, Lakeland customers will be able to choose between two delivery services. A day before Shipt service starts here (we wrote about it June 9), Publix has announced that Instacart-powered Publix Delivery delivery comes to Lakeland June 28.

In its news release, Publix Super Markets differentiates its Instacart service from Shipt by noting that Instacart charges no membership fees and is the only service that offers alcohol delivery from Publix stores.

Publix notes another advantage to its partnership with Instacart: “Customers using Publix Delivery are more likely to view only in-stock items since Publix shares product availability by store directly with Instacart.”

In addition to Lakeland, Instacart service is being expanded to Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City, Mulberry, Plant City and Winter Haven.

Publix Delivery was introduced to urban markets in Florida in 2017 and is available in more than 92 percent of Publix operating areas.

A Publix FAQ  on the delivery service notes customers can sign up at The prices for individual items are available on the website. Prices are higher than in the store to cover the cost of Instacart shoppers and the service itself, the FAQs say.

Additional delivery fees were described this way in an article in The Ledger:

On a single delivery, Instacart charges $5.99 for orders of more than $35. For orders from the minimum $10 up to $35, it charges $9.99.

Instacart also offers unlimited deliveries for a $14.99 monthly charge or an annual fee of $99 to $149, depending upon location, on orders of more than $35.

While most BOGOs are available through Publix Delivery, coupons are not redeemable and some promotions are not available. Tips to the Instacart shopper and driver are optional.

A Publix pilot project for curbside pickup expanded from two to four stores in Lakeland last month. Customers can order online and later drive up and have groceries loaded into their cars at Southgate, Lake Miriam, Highland City Town Center and the Lake Gibson Shopping Center. The service adds 10 percent to the cost of the order.

Publix says Instacart delivery will be available in these Lakeland Zip codes: 33801, 33802, 33803, 33805, 33809, 33810, 33811, 33812, 33813 and 33815.

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  1. I used instacart for the first time yesterday, March 18. I was pleased with the service until I saw the emailed receipt. I knew about the $3.99 delivery charge, but there was an additional service charge of $3.85, and a tip charge of $3.85. Not aware of that, I gave the driver a $3 tip in cash. Somehow I missed something.

    I would like to use the service again, but how about an explanation, please.

  2. Too many hidden fees and I don’t like that everything is slightly higher because they going to deliver it I used it once and I won’t do it again half of the stuff she didn’t get she said they were out of it I didn’t give the courtesy call replacement of the product to get something else

  3. I used the instacart for the first time about a week ago because it was free for the first and I wanted to try it out. Then 99.00 dollars was taken out of my bank account for a yearly fee that I did not sign up for. How do. get a refund. I do not want this service. Ornetta Marshall

  4. I am a senior citizen who has had a liver transplant and I am on immunosuppressive drugs. I cannot go out in public so Instacart sounded like a great idea. It was more of a scam. I ordered my groceries and paid for what I ordered. I received only a small amount of my order. So far there is no refund.

  5. Ihave two deliveries from Instacart on the same day . how do I combine them into one delivery

  6. I also used Instacart once. I was told there was no charge for the first use. I have never signed up for a full membership. I do NOT want to be a member. Who decided I did?? I want the $99 fee charged to my account to be removed and refunded.

    Elaine K Davis

  7. We were under the impression that curbside pickup was free. That’s what it said when we started but all of a sudden we have a $ 99 charge on our credit card. Why would I go pick them up if they are charging for me to pickup? Cannot call as the wait time is at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours and there is not anywhere to cancel. Beware!
    Patricia Kofflin

  8. You think an hour is long. I’ve been waiting 5 business days for my 2nd order. There is no feedback to let me know the problems. Very frustrating.

  9. I ordered 53 dollars worth of grocery FOR PICKUP NOT DELIVERY but $65 was taken from my account. Over drafting it!

  10. I have been using Publix Instacart for almost a year now. Monthly fees are $9.99. They charge more for sold items. Can’t blame Publix for ignorance and stupidity, learn how to read
    BTW, great service considering one can do something else, instead of shopping with possibly sick people. Stay home, stay safe.


  12. I had the same issue. All these fees they charge you. I will contact BB and look into other revenues to report them. Looking for another delivery company. Instacart is a rip-off. I believe what they are doing is illegal

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