Preview Thursday’s South Florida Avenue Workshop

Florida Avenue trafficUrban planners who are reimagining South Florida Avenue in Dixieland as a pedestrian-friendly, three-lane roadway amenable to neighborhood businesses are presenting their vision to the public at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Polk Museum of Art. Check below for a preview of their presentation.

Several city commissioners expressed skepticism at a Monday workshop on the proposal. Their remarks echoed speakers at recent City Commission meetings who fear the project will create a time-sucking bottleneck for people traveling between downtown and points south.

Planners working on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation counter that much of the traffic will move to Sykes Boulevard and U.S. 98 and offer data suggesting that trips on a slimmed down Florida Avenue will take only 17 t0 50 seconds longer during rush hour and that traffic has declined slightly in recent years.

A snippet from the study

Below is a version on the South Florida Avenue Corridor Study that was presented three weeks ago to the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board. Presumably Thursday’s presentation will be similar.

Those who attended a May 2016 public meeting about the project will recognize many of the slides. Some new ones discuss why some of the alternatives discussed last spring are unfeasible and add data collected since then.

View a larger version.