Jamie Mummey

Name: Jamie Mummey

Stage name/nickname: J-Mumz

Birthplace: Lakeland – “Just up the road a mile or two”

First instrument learned: Piano

Playing since: 7 years old (19 years ago) 

Instruments played: Mandolin, guitar, banjo

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Instrument used most: It’s a toss up,  mandolin/guitar

Particular styles or genres played?: Bluegrass, jazz, folk, blues

Preferred style or genre: All mixed together as one, bluegrass

Frequency of performances: Monthly

Desired frequency to be playing out: Five times a week 

Number of venues played: 50

Strongest point when making/playing music: Mandolin

Performing covers, originals or both: Mostly covers, but some originals 

Involved with more than one project: Yes (Jamie Mummey and David Brimer duo and the Dan Signor Project.)

Comments on the Lakeland music scene: 

Jamie: It’s becoming very vibrant with new players and new interpretations of music itself. There are different things going on that were not five years ago.

David Brimer: It’s thriving and more people need to take it seriously.

Thoughts on increasing the interest or numbers in the crowd when it comes to getting people out of the house:

Jamie: Promotion.  It needs to be word of mouth and also social media; that is the language everyone speaks today.

David:  Awareness of the quality.  I don’t think the people think the music is quality.

Anything else?

Jamie: Peace, love and music.

David: They don’t know all the places they have music; Facebook only goes so far.

Facebook: David Brimer and Jamie Mummey

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