Lover’s Oak Scheduled to Come Down in September

Lover's OakWork to remove the “lover’s oak” at Success Avenue and Lake Morton Drive (which we posted about Monday) will probably begin the second week of September and should take about a week to finish, the Lakeland Parks Department said today. 

“It was important we were thoughtful in this process. We are in the business of planting trees, saving trees, not taking them down,” said Parks and Recreation Director Bob Donahay.  “We reached out to an outside expert to make sure that we were unbiased in our decision.”

The city asked E. Sciences Inc. of Orlando to evaluate the tree after a falling limb damaged a car traveling on Success Avenue July 21.

“Two city of Lakeland certified arborists and an outside consultant inspected the trees and determined that, while in average-good health, it was impossible to ensure public safety through any other action other than removal,” the city said in a news release issued today.

The oak known for its spreading canopy is actually two trees fused together. E. Sciences said the tissue connecting the two trees has deteriorating and the southern portion of the tree shows signs of decay.

No people were hurt when a limb fell onto a car traveling Success Avenue toward Lake Morton Drive around 7:30 a.m. July 21. The only injuries were to Karen Barron’s 2014 Dodge Challenger, a nearby brick wall and the reputation of the tree, reputedly 300+ years old. David Dickey Jr.

Arborist’s Report: