Lakeland Girls Academy, a residential facility for troubled teens, has closed nearly two years after the death there of 17-year-old Naomi Wood of Vermont. A 2021 DCF report found administrators declined Woods’ requests to see a doctor about chronic stomach pains. Wood’s parents told News Channel 8 they plan to file a wrongful death negligence lawsuit gainst parent organization Teen Challenge. | ALSO: Fox 13 News, The Ledger 

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. This looks like a case of criminal neglect and wrongful criminal death and should be pursued by the States Attorney’s Office immediately. I am certain the family and friends of the family of this poor young girl have pressed for a criminal inquiry to only have their requests summarily denied by those folks entrusted with determining which criminals it chooses to bring to justice. That is why the family most likely filed their lawsuit to bring light to the travesty of justice no prosecutor has had the time to pursue or has the honor necessary to investigate and thus failed us all when they do not do the job they were entrusted to do.

    Or does being part of a government agency shield one from the laws of our great state? Perhaps Sheriff Grady Judd needs to send his team in to explore the darkest areas of deception to shed light on the facts of this child’s horrible and unnecessary death.

    The perpetrators of this horrible crime need to face justice and be sent to one of our state’s prisons and I would hope that at least one of these prisons should have an opening(s) to house those convicted in this heinous crime.

    Or, does the State’s Attorney’s Office only have the courage and/or competence to only prosecute and send indigent defendants with mental health issues with no ability to properly defend themselves to prison while their pals from state agencies freely roam about with impunity to commit more crimes against our children?

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