How is Lakeland’s Real Estate Market Going to Affect You This Fall?

US News recently reported Lakeland Florida as one of the top places people are moving, and for all the right reasons.

Salaries, local culture, and home prices are all moving upwards at a healthy rate.

One of Lakeland’s top-producing real estate agents, Gate Arty with Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty, has stopped by to help us all understand where the Lakeland housing market is going.

This way, we can all make the best possible buying and selling decisions.

Take it away, Gate.

Gate Arty:

“Thanks for allowing me share some insider secrets about Lakeland real estate with you all.

After watching the trends this year, here is the best advice I can offer.  



As we kick off fall, the holiday season starts to take up more of our time.

This brings along an interesting effect to the real estate market: inventory (homes for sale) tends to go down.

Likely, families are feeling busy with all sorts of holiday responsibilities.

You might be in the same boat, but this lack of inventory means something exciting happens: both relative demand and home values rise.

So, if you’ve been thinking about making a change and know how to manage your time well, this fall is a great time to sell your home.



Now, what if you are in the market to purchase?

Sure, you might have less inventory to browse, but it is by no means scarce.

What’s exciting is the potential for huge financial savings over time if you decide to move soon.

Interest rates, although climbing, are still at relatively historical lows.

It’s easy to look at the sale price of homes, but factoring in the total cost after a 30-year mortgage can be daunting.

By locking in a lower interest rate, you could save serious money by purchasing as soon as possible, before rates increase.

This could easily offset the potential increased sale price of a home you are purchasing.



Fall is always a unique time in the real estate market.

In Lakeland, we are already experiencing the rising demand for homes.

Because of the current situation and how both buying and selling could be a smart move, my advice comes down to this:

If you’re thinking about making a change, move quickly.

That way, you can take advantage of rising demand and low interest rates, no matter what role you are playing.

The best thing to do is partner with a REALTOR who has the experience and connections necessary to work fast.



Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty is one of Keller Williams North Florida’s top producers in August, closing over 360 units.

That’s moving fast.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home this fall (or any other time), fill out the form below.

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Thanks again to LKLDnow, and we will talk to you soon! I hope you all have a great fall season.

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– Gate Arty, Gate Arty & the Group – Keller Williams Realty