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Many 911 call centers waste valuable time dealing with non-emergency calls. In 2014, FCC chairman Michael O’Reilly noted that 35% of all calls to New York City’s 911 call center were the result of “butt dials.” In 2015, the Google 911 Team reported that the San Francisco 911 center spent an average of 74 seconds calling back accidental calls to 911.

Hoping to educate callers, the Lakeland Fire and Police Departments have produced a series of four new public service announcements:

The Non-Emergency “Emergency” Hurts You and Me

My Butt Did What?

911 is for Emergencies, Not Discipline

Dialing 911 Isn’t Childs Play

In one announcement, the Lakeland 911 Call Center reported “accidental calls to 911 make up 15% of our total calls.” Both departments also have non-emergency numbers, Fire 863.834.8200 and Police 863.834.6900.

Source: Youtube

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