We’ve redesigned our bills to make it easier than ever to understand your bill. We examined utility bills from across the country and participated in a national utility benchmarking study of bill redesign projects. To make a great bill design, we gathered their best practices and added a little Lakeland spin to make it stand out.

The biggest change is a new City of Lakeland Utilities logo for customers who receive multiple services like water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling, etc. The new donut graph breaks down your electric, water, and other services in a single glance. Our electric-only customers will still receive a bill with a Lakeland Electric logo. Your donut graph will show your electric usage by tier.

What’s Changed?

  1. New Logo – If you receive multiple services, your bill will now feature a City of Lakeland Utilities logo.*Electric-only customers will still see the Lakeland Electric logo.
  2. Easy to Read – Due date and amount due are now at the top of the page for customers who want to pay and go.
  3. At-a-Glance – With the new donut graph on the front page, you can quickly breakdown the charge for each service.
  4. Important Messages – They’re now on the front page, so you don’t miss out on important information.
  5. We Kept the Graphs – We know many of you check your bill detail graphs regularly. They are now on page two. (We love graphs too!)

We’ve used colors and graphs to draw your focus to key information. By limiting the text to essential information, we’ve improved the readability. Luckily, you’re keeping some of the lowest electric rates in the state of Florida, so the only thing that changes on your bill is the way it looks. We’ve worked hard to design this bill to serve all of our customers’ needs, whether you just want to take a cursory glance or if you want a detailed description of your utility usage.

Before rolling out the new bill design, we asked customers to help us select the final bill design through a customer survey. You spoke, and we listened. Customers said this design was easy to read and easy to find information.

Want to dig deeper into your energy usage? View your bill online and click “data tools” to get down to the minute data on your usage. Use the overlays to see how the temperature affects your bill total and much more

As your locally owned utility, we never stop working to improve your experience. We are proud of our new bill, and we hope you’ll like it, too.

What are customers saying?

  • “Good job on the redesign. Thumbs up.”
  •  “I like the color scheme. It takes your eyes to important parts of the bill.”
  • “I actually like the whole new layout and the inclusion of phone numbers.”
  •  “Best design of a bill”
  • “Let’s do it. Revamp”

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