The Tampa Bay Times takes a look at mental health services for students at Florida Polytechnic University and questions whether a suicide on campus last week might have been preventable. Students no longer have a full-time counselor to visit since the recent dismissal of Casey Fox, the school’s sole mental health counselor. The move came as the university began outsourcing its mental health care, providing a telephone hotline and a counselor who will visit the campus four to eight hours per week.
ADDENDUM: Florida Poly’s president issued a statement Sunday afternoon saying the university offers more mental health services under their new arrangement and that students are aware of the transition.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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  1. I’m shocked that anyone is blaming the school for this tragedy. This was in no way anyone’s fault. I’ve never heard of a college that has fulltime mental health services on campus. If this is needed, then maybe there is a different problem. To the people who are blaming the schools lack of activities, Really? Teach your child to be responsible for their own activities, or whatever you want to call it. College should be tough right? Tell the kids to call Uber,and go out for evening,movie,dinner etc. Stop the Blame Game.

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