Read It in the Morning Paper – Just Out Edition

THE CHILL IS GONE: The cold weather is moving on. So, no more “BRRRR” comments in the foreseeable future.

IT’S NOT A TROPICAL PARADISE: Before the last weather changes, one last photo essay of a business affected by the cold weather — a tropical fish farm.

TELL ME WHAT’S THE WORD: If a church were to be approved for a commercial corridor near the former Louie Mack’s Steakhouse, it could affect liquor sales in the area. The Planning Commission denied the application for the church and County Commissioners will hear an appeal on Tuesday.

THE POINT IS TO KNOW RETURN: Barry can tell you when the practice stopped, but the morning paper announced it “is returning to an old practice of reporting on completed internal investigations at the county’s largest police departments and the Polk County School District.” The first report touches on the reports for four teachers and two custodians.