Confederate Monument Dismantled

The crew prepares to move the pedestal as one man looks on. Barry Friedman

Crews started dismantling the Confederate monument in Munn Park this morning as city officials, news crews and a sparse crowd gathered to watch. A crane lifted the statue of a Confederate soldier off its supporting plinth around 10 a.m.

After the jump, view photos and a video from the moments when the soldier was lifted away from the column that has supported it since 1910:


Photos by Calvin Knight:

Aerial photos by Randall Productions:

Photos by Chuck Welch:

Video from Bay News 9’s Stephanie Claytor:

For a longer video, check this one from Orlando’s WESH and skip ahead to the 37-minute mark.

After crews dismantle the 27-foot monument in Munn Park, it will be moved to Veterans Park. The crew moving the statue estimated it was in 11 pieces and should be dismantled before nightfall Saturday, city officials said. It is scheduled to be reassembled in place in Veterans Park by April 4. Lakeland parks crews will lay sod in Munn Park after the statue and pedestal are moved.

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