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Street sweeper accident | Lakeland Mom | Park expansion

Many communities, one Lakeland Cindy Glover Editor Trinity LaurinoExecutive Director From the Lighthouse Ministries’ outpouring over the accidental death of John “Turtle” Gynnip to the moving scene of more than 60 Lakeland police officers supporting their late friend’s son Troy Miller at his high school graduation, this week was a reminder of the importance of community […]

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Teen Shoots Cop | Race and Equity Forum | Mayfaire

ChatGPT did not write this column Barry Friedman Founder & Editor-at-Large There’s been a lot of chatter in journalism circles lately about how news organizations should and shouldn’t use ChatGPT, the online artificial intelligence “chatbot” that has gotten a lot of attention since being released to the public last November. If you’re not familiar with […]