Vote Raises Typical Electricity Bill by $1 a Month

A typical homeowner will pay an extra dollar a month for electricity starting next month after the City Commission voted today to increase the fuel charge for Lakeland Electric customers. 

The increase from 3.775¢ per kilowatt hour (kWh) to 3.875¢ per kWh means a charge of $38.75 per monty for the typical customer using1,000 kWh, utility officials said. That’s on top of the typical base charge of $63.02 per month, adding to an electric bill of $101.77.

“Fuel costs, particularly those of natural gas, have risen year-over-year resulting in a reduction of Lakeland Electric’s fuel reserve,” Lakeland Electric said in a news release. “With an increase of $1.00 for the fuel charge, we estimate having approximately $18 million in the reserve by the end of the fiscal year in September, $2 million below our target of $20 million.”