Screen shot from WMB-ROI's Vimeo video
Screen shot from WMB-ROI’s Vimeo video |
Screen shot from WMB-ROI’s Vimeo video |

A video that was online briefly yesterday and today offers an aerial preview of the Catapult 2.0 business incubator and the look it will add to Lake Mirror and its Frances Langford Promenade.

The video, titled “Lake Mirror,” uses computer visualization tools to imagine a drone flight over the lake, capturing various views of downtown Lakeland from above.

While most of the downtown area is shown as it exists today, the visualization shows what the Lakeland Cash Feed Building will look like when it is renovated and modernized by the Lakeland Economic Development Council as Catapult 2.0.

The visualization, posted on the Vimeo video-sharing site yesterday by the WMB-ROI architecture firm, also imagines a multi-story building that includes a parking garage on property owned by the LEDC just west of Catapult 2.0.

Both Steve Scruggs, president of the LEDC, and Michael Murphey of WMB-ROI said there are no plans yet for the property to the west of the planned Catapult building.

“Our visualization people were testing some visualization techniques. This does not represent any real or planned project. We just took some designs we already had and dropped them onto your site,” Murphey explained in an email to Scruggs.

Said Scruggs: “We have no plans and there are no plans for that site.”

The property west of Lakeland Cash Feed includes both the former Central Vacuum site that was purchased by LEDC last year and a parcel at the corner of Main Street and Massachusetts that was donated by the city of Lakeland.

When the City Commission voted 6-1 to donate the property last July, LEDC officials said the parcels would be used for a Catapult parking lot but acknowledged it is a prime spot for eventual commercial development.

The video, which included no narration or soundtrack, was removed from public display on Vimeo this morning “so as not to create additional confusion,” Murphey said.

Construction on the Cash Feed building is expected to start later this year.

Artist rending: Catapult from the southwest
Artist rending: Catapult from the southwest |

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  1. If I am seeing that image correctly that building has retail and offices or residential facing the lakeside with parking as a buffer between that use and the railroad. This building may not be planned but it does seem to me a smart solution for that site.

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