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Here are the teachers of the year and school-related employees of the year at Lakeland-area public schools. The countywide finalists and winners will be announced Tuesday night at The Lakeland Center. For schools elsewhere in Polk, check the full list.

* Bill Duncan Opportunity Center: Tracy McCants (TOY); Joyce Burgess (SRE)
* Carlton Palmore Elementary: Joni Zimmerman (TOY); Brenda Gaskin (SRE)
* Cleveland Court Elementary: Kathryn Hoskinson (TOY); Gail Clanton (SRE)
* Combee Elementary: Cathy Copeland (TOY); Carol Simon (SRE)
* Countywide ESE: Tracey Bice (TOY); Tanya Gadson (SRE)
* Crystal Lake Elementary: Swanyetta Perry (TOY); Terry Krum (SRE)
* Crystal Lake Middle: Lorenzo Robinson (TOY); Opal Lester (SRE)
* Dixieland Elementary: Pamela Grant (TOY); Kay Llewellyn (SRE)
* Doris A. Sanders Learning Center: Robert Sullivan (TOY); Anna Marie Flickinger (SRE)
* Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary: Demetria Patterson (TOY); Heather Peterson (SRE)
* Edgar L. Padgett Elementary: Sharon Rodby (TOY); Wilson Ortiz (SRE)
* George W. Jenkins Senior High: Katrina Bourque (TOY); Tracy Gause (SRE)
* Griffin Elementary: Krystal James (TOY); Elaine Roberts (SRE)
* Harrison School for the Arts: Lesley Chambers (TOY); Kelly James (SRE)
* Highlands Grove Elementary: Courtney Athans (TOY); Melissa Hazlett (SRE)
* James W. Sikes Elementary: Jessica Bailey (TOY); Therese Farrior (SRE)
* Jesse Keen Elementary: Twilia Oakley-Davidson (TOY); Sylvia Adams (SRE)
* Kathleen Elementary: Tracy Miller (TOY); Jill Slighter (SRE)
* Kathleen Middle: William Lay (TOY); Rodney Jamerson (SRE)
* Kathleen Senior High: Keitha Hall (TOY); Glen Wickersham Ortiz (SRE)
* Lake Gibson Middle: Neysa Pages (TOY); Brenda Harrell (SRE)
* Lake Gibson Senior High: Cynthia Downing (TOY); Arlene McBride (SRE)
* Lakeland Senior High: Paul Schultz (TOY); Willie Brown (SRE)
* Lakeland Highlands Middle: Stephanie Huber (TOY); Tammy Scott (SRE)
* Lawton Chiles Middle Academy: Lauren Gadd (TOY); Donna Haas (SRE)
* Lincoln Avenue Academy: Ophelia Kieffer (TOY); Gail Soura (SRE)
* Maynard A. Traviss Career Center: Susan Rexroat (TOY); Alex Huynh (SRE)
* Medulla Elementary: Julie LaFay (TOY); Ozetta Chatmon (SRE)
* North Lakeland Elementary: Seth McGee (TOY); Yvonne Basel (SRE)
* Oscar J. Pope Elementary: Cheris Williams (TOY); Louise Camacho (SRE)
* Philip O’Brien Elementary: Christine Harrison (TOY); Rudolph Brooks (SRE)
* Polk County Virtual: Rachel McCall (TOY)
* R. Bruce Wagner Elementary: Jill Amick (TOY); Tonya Preast (SRE)
* R. Clem Churchwell Elementary: Ray Gilmore (TOY); Edna Smith (SRE)
* Rochelle School of the Arts: Gregory Bonadies (TOY); Patricia Harrison (SRE)
* Rosabelle W. Blake Academy: Audra Pierce (TOY); Brenda Sine (SRE)
* Scott Lake Elementary: Heather Lynn Rimes (TOY); Katie DiCesare (SRE)
* Sleepy Hill Elementary: Alicia Peterman (TOY); Dana Holloway (SRE)
* Sleepy Hill Middle: Lindsay Selby (TOY); Cynthia Lugo (SRE)
* Socrum Elementary: Marguerita Coon (TOY); Nicholas LaBonte (SRE)
* Southwest Elementary: Robert Bartilucci (TOY); Cherie Bowden (SRE)
* Southwest Middle: Jane Van Camp (TOY); Doris Betz (SRE)
* Tenoroc High: Wayne Gourley (TOY); Betty Tucker (SRE)
* Valleyview Elementary: Juanita Felton (TOY); Anne Flynn (SRE)
* Wendell Watson Elementary: Rissa Hanneken (TOY); Stamatia Chinboukas (SRE)
* West Area Adult: Mary Huntington (TOY); Carmen Salabarria (SRE)
* Winston Academy of Engineering: Rhonda Murray (TOY); Mira Miller (SRE)

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