Tallahassee GreenWise Market Opens; Lakeland Preview?

The first in Publix’ new generation of GreenWise Markets opened in Tallahassee today. Check the Tallahassee Democrat’s comprehensive look inside (including 48 photos) to get a preview of what the Lakeland store scheduled to open early next year might look like. We say “might” because the canny marketers at Publix will likely test variations between a close-to-campus college-town store and one in a suburban setting such as the Lakeland site across Florida Avenue from Lake Miriam Plaza.

One thing we do know: The Tallahassee store is partnering with area breweries for its “Pours” section, which includes space to hang out and sip coffees, kombuchas, smoothies, beers and wines; Publix hopes the brewery partnerships can provide a roadmap for the GreenWise Markets that follow in Lakeland and other cities, a sidebar article notes.

ALSO: Tampa Bay Business Journal declares GreenWise Market a “paradigm shift” for the Lakeland-based supermarket giant, providing consumers more of a shopping experience and less of a one-stop grocer.