Polk County schools have announced their nominees for teacher of the year and school-related employee of the year. Countywide winners will be announced Jan. 18. Check below for honorees from Lakeland schools or click for a countywide list. The first name for each school is the teacher of the year, and the second name is the school-related employee of the year:

Bill Duncan Opportunity Center: Larry Herbert Jr.; Paul Berthold
Carlton Palmore Elementary: Kimberly Rivera; Darlene Czerwinski
Cleveland Court Elementary: Marilyn Dailey; Nancy Ellis
Combee Elementary: Emily Cantler; Lisa Jackson
Crystal Lake Elementary: Maurice Cowan; Heather Conley
Crystal Lake Middle: Angela Dee Blevins; Pamela Cornelia
Dixieland Elementary: Ashley Wickersham; Rolando Rivera
Doris A. Sanders Learning Center: David Szumlanski; Predette Kennedy
Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary: Pam Champion; Jami Liska
Edgar L. Padgett Elementary: Doris Rios; Deanna Sisolak
George W. Jenkins High: Lauren Barbato; Kristi Strouse
Griffin Elementary: Shandra Hardee; Kristi Lampp
Highlands Grove Elementary: Meagan Franklin; Jean Singletary
James W. Sikes Elementary: Erica Marcano; Deborah Kolodziej
Jesse Keen Elementary: Leslie Murrell; Lisa Gill
Kathleen Elementary: Kimberly Black-Yurdin; Tara Browning
Kathleen High: Al Thompson; Elaine McLeish
Kathleen Middle: Kevin Taylor; Elana Tedrick
Lake Gibson High: Greg Burdick; Edna Elliott
Lake Gibson Middle: Joanna Stover; Cherlynn Garcia Goitia
Lakeland High: Jennifer Goleno; TJ Ali
Lakeland Highlands Middle: Simone Paolercio; Lonnie Flowies
Lawton Chiles Middle Academy: Pamela Grimes; Carol Busby
Lincoln Avenue Academy: Diane Lokey; Heather Shamoun
Lois Cowles Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts: Rebekah Haubry; Kimberly Punausuia
Maynard A. Traviss Technical College: Bonnie Gaynair; Sharon Erb
Medulla Elementary: Tracey Spear; Candie Hess
North Lakeland Elementary: Heather Patrias; Gladys Rivera
Oscar J. Pope Elementary: Tiffany Ricco; Cindy Cusmano
Philip O’Brien Elementary: Stephanie Roberts; Kristin Peick
Polk Virtual: Renee Vaughn; Diana Gunkel
R. Bruce Wagner Elementary: Lois Horn-Diaz; Jennifer Doty
R. Clem Churchwell Elementary: Lindsey Laughon; Ezequiel Morales
REAL Academy: Shayla Lewis
Rochelle School of the Arts: Kimberly Nolen; Sharron Halman
Rosabelle W. Blake Academy: Maude Graham; Jacquelyn Sheetz
Scott Lake Elementary: Jacqueline Thomas; Ana Fernandez
Sleepy Hill Elementary: Maria Andreina Prince; Nohelia Selles
Sleepy Hill Middle: Tiffany Jacobs-King; Holly Turner
Socrum Elementary: Robin Ramos; Leslie “Gene” Jackson
Southwest Elementary: Donna Adams; Brittney King
Southwest Middle: Shannon Mooney; Elvira Abreu
Tenoroc High: Amy Glenn; Betty Tucker
Valleyview Elementary: Caitlin Ivol; Patricia Dunlap
Wendell Watson Elementary: Kathryn Holmes; Audrey Crapo
West Area Adult: Cheryl Case; Sherry Bigelow
Winston Academy of Engineering: Ashlee Pridemore; Luz Sarmiento

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