A 70-year-old Lakeland woman got a huge surprise when she checked her credit rating and saw a listing she didn’t recognize, News Channel 8 reports. After making calls, she learned that scammers had used her name and address to get a $150,000 Small Business Administration coronavirus loan they had sent to an address in the Virgin Islands.

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. Sharon Mathis-Washington : This makes me have 2nd. thoughts about personal information that I have on line that is supposed to locked and protected. I and others need to examine personal Information that is not protected as it should have been. I will no longer pay Bill’s on line ; place orders on line and share less with my Physicians Information. I received Information stating my medical had been breached. How des a consumer protect themselves with Equifax’s Dark Web ; Notron and even Life Lock, etc. Some of these companies even charge a hefty monthly fee. This country (My America/ United States) has just gone to HELL with a don’t care rating. OMG, Please restore my country Heavenly Father in JESUS’S name.

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