Supporters of the Cleveland Heights Golf Course and Lakeland Community Theater took to Facebook recently to rally public sentiment behind the two long-time institutions. They were spurred to action by comments made Jan 17 to the City Commission by Steve Scruggs, head of the Lakeland Economic Development Council; he floated several wide-ranging ideas to increase city revenue, including selling the golf course and land around Lake Mirror (where LCT is housed) for development. The city insists no such plans are under consideration, and Scruggs says he’s disappointed his suggestions caused distress.
LINKS: Ledger article | Scruggs’ presentation and video | Save the Heights 27 Facebook group | LCT ending its petition drive | City statement re the golf course and theater building

Source: The Ledger

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  1. Despite all the disavowal, this is how things begin. An idea is floated, people react. Statements are made that we aren’t considering that. Things settle down. Down the road, a developer wants the property. You know the rest of the story.

  2. From The Ledger, March 4, 2012; “The question of value has been raised since Barney Barnett, vice chairman of Publix, and Steve Scruggs, executive director of Lakeland Economic Development Council, held private meetings with each of six city commissioners in January to talk about the idea of selling Lakeland Electric, the third-biggest municipally owned utility in the state. Barnett and Scruggs asked commissioners to support a change to the city’s charter to make such a sale easier.” That’s how things are done in these here parts.

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