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FLORIDA AVENUE: People attending a public meeting on the proposal to slim down South Florida Avenue into downtown portrayed it either as a good plan to revive Dixieland while increasing safety or a boondoggle certain to strangle roads throughout the corridor | Video of  the entire meeting | Key findings of the plan

BUSES: Meanwhile, the Citrus Connection staff is juicing up alternatives to keep north-south public transit flowing if Florida Avenue goes on a diet.

TROLLER: Justin Troller, LHS’ athletic director and a city commissioner, has returned to work for the School District. He’s at the Bartow Airbase pending the result of an investigation into his electronic communication that resulted in his being put on paid administrative leave Dec. 8.

FLAVORS FIRM: Taste Advantage is cooperating with DEA agents in what “appears to be purely an administrative investigation,” the company’s lawyer said.

R.I.P.: John William Glotfelty, 88, ophthalmologist and former member of the Florida Board of Medicine